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Kitten Care at Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital

Kitten Care

Your kitten’s first wellness exam will establish a baseline of health and ensure that your new companion is on their way to growing up healthy and happy. Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive wellness exams that include a physical examination, customized vaccination program, heartworm and parasite prevention, flea and tick prevention, nutritional counseling, and microchip recommendation.

Our veterinarians are here to provide you with guidance and answer any questions you may have on how to care for your new kitten. We can review topics such as diet, exercise, behavior, litter training, and tips on how to integrate your kitten into your home.

Vaccinations for Kittens

Vaccinations are the best way to prevent serious illnesses that are easily spread. Your kitten will receive a series of vaccines in their first four months and then annual boosters during their annual checkups. In addition to the core vaccines, we will create a personalized vaccine schedule that is tailored for your kitten’s needs to maximize the protection against any diseases he or she is likely to be exposed to.


Just as vaccinations keep your kitten safe from contagious diseases, a microchip will help keep your kitten safe if they are ever lost. Your pet’s unique microchip identifier will link up with your contact information, allowing us to contact you and help bring your pet home safely. To learn more, visit our page about microchip implantation.

Your Kitten’s First Visit

In preparation for your kitten’s first exam, we ask that you bring any health-related information provided to you by the seller or shelter. This information should include a previous history of immunizations and deworming. We also ask that you bring a fresh stool sample, and arrive with your kitten in a secure carrier.

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